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Use on the button to the right to access the Client Portal. Please review the checklist below to understand what kinds of documents we may need from you.

Document Checklist

1. Copy of your Trust or Will
Copies of your Trust or Will is of utmost importance in the assessment of potential legal cases. These documents contain crucial information necessary to evaluate the viability of pursuing legal action on your behalf. The inability to locate copies of these documents hinders our ability to comprehensively assess your matter as they contain pertinent details required to fight for your rights.
2. Trustee Notification Letter

Upon receipt of this document, a trustee notification is issued, which stipulates a specific time frame within which you must take appropriate measures to protect your interests. This notification contains essential information allowing us act on your behalf. Given the significance of this document it is imperative that you give it the utmost attention and regard it with due importance.

3. Other documents related to your case
Many times, information necessary to assess the worth of an estate can be found in a variety of documents, such as notes, property deeds, amendments, bank statements, and other similar records. It is imperative to provide as much detail as possible, as this allows for a comprehensive understanding of the case at hand. By presenting a complete picture, we can effectively evaluate your situation.
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